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I try to keep politics out of my technical blog, but I figured that as long as I keep the focus, narrowly defined, I guess we should be OK.



We need to be careful reading too much into this slip of the tongue.   I think the president as proving repeatedly that he is a fan of both franchises.   I pretty sure that this is a humorous slip of the tongue and nothing more.


If the tech community wants to get up and arms over  the President, we have other issues worthy of out attention.    Cyber weapons, privacy, piracy, and drones come to mind.

If you want to focus on what he has done for the tech community we can focus on how he embraces social media, the role of big data in the campaign, or the fact that he does seem to be the first one to take cyber security even a little bit serious.


So while there are plenty of issues to praise him for and to take offense by, the Jedi Mind Meld is simply not one of them.   Hopefully it will actually become a funny Internet meme along the lines of the treasured “Use the Force Harry”

Thus ends the political portion of this blog.

Posted on Monday, March 4, 2013 12:11 PM | Back to top

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