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Show – Off always Shown up in Showdown

This was my fortune cookie the other day.   It was attributed to Confucius.   Now, I doubt that Confucius actually said it.   The humor shines through only in English, I think.   For the sake of not plagiarizing, let’s continue attributing it to Confucius.   It reminds me of another quote that I heard a while back.   This one attributed to a Buddhist monk “What I am I am and say not.   Being is the great explainer”.    We will get to this quote in a moment.  

But first …

If you are a job candidate hoping to make it past the screening process, you may well feel like a show-off.   Regardless of your personality, the job interview is not the time for modesty.   The job interview is the time to say and with a straight face “Hey look at me.   Aren’t I wonderful?   Wouldn’t you like to have me working for you?”  

If you are looking for a job, depending on how you find yourself looking, this can be tough.    If you got fired (laid off, downsized, cost reduced, name your euphemism) such confidence will feel alien and fake.   If you are miserable in your current job and casually looking around, you aren’t really motivated to put it all out there, and you can’t maintain the strong self confident image that you need to present.

Fake or uncomfortable, awkward or contrived, however it makes you feel, this is the façade that you have to put on to get the job.

Most of us technology geeks will more easily tend towards the Buddhist quote listed earlier.    We would rather not have to toot our own horn.   We would rather be modest and casual keeping a low profile and avoiding the spotlight.   We try to live by the second quote mentioned earlier.

“What I am I am and say not.   Being is the great explainer”.    If you are a great programmer, it should be obvious if you are doing your job right.   As a general rule, if you have to walk around saying, “I am great at this” or “I am great at that” you usually are not.   More likely than not, you are an insufferable jerk.   If you really are great, it should be obvious and you should not have to point it out all the time.    This is a great philosophy for the daily grind.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work so well for job searching.   In a short interview, you flat out don’t have the time for “being to explain” what you are, must shine through quickly, usually in 30 minutes or less.   If not, you may not get the rest of the time needed for being to explain.

So, if you are on the job hunt, let loose your inner braggart.   Just me sure to be him back in the cage after you land your next great opportunity.   If you are the screener, realize that the people you are dealing with are probably acting against their character and venturing outside their comfort zone.   Be patient.

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show off always show up at showdown , whats this sentense mean in normal words
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