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The workshop presenters were Scott Bellware and Jean-Paul Boodhoo. Both developers that I highly respect. There were also some amazing developers in attendance like Roy Osherove, Oren Enei, and Udi Dahan. I was hoping that the workshop didn't go over my head but I was happy to see that they introduced the concepts at an easy to follow pace.

Jean-Paul said that people who understand TDD usually have an "ah ha!" moment. I think I had that moment during Scott's session on Domain Driven Design. Everytime I saw TDD I just saw it as a bunch of tests that validate the business logic of the code. I did not grasp that it's a design practice not just validation testing. Understand this I suddenly became very self-conscious about the code I've written. It's not easy to test which is usually a sign of bad code. As a programmer you really need to check your ego out the door. I've still got code from years ago that I would cringe if I had to work with it today. I'm sure I'll cringe when I see the code that I write now five years in the future.

The most enjoyable part of the workshop and the conference as a whole was listening in on the conversations of the other developers. I was really happy to hear that their throught processes are similar to mine. I always feel that these developer blogs that I read make things sound so easy. Well, their posts are usually done after a lot of thought and discussion. It made me quite comfortable to see developers argue the merits of the method names they've chosen. Jean-Paul and Scott were doing pair programming in the workshop and even they disagreed on many coding schemes each other preferred. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who loves to pick the perfect method names for their classes.

Without any fulltime developers at Radio 3 it's hard to see how my code measures up to other developers. My experience at this conference really helped me realize that I'm heading in the right direction with my coding practices, but it has also pointed out some areas where I need a lot of improvement which is exactly what I wanted to get out the conference. At first I thought I was dissapointed in the sessions because I was quite familiar with the material, but the conference is called Devteach for a reason. The insites from other developers on these subjects is where the value is and I definitely am not dissapointed from that perspective.

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