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I got out of the train as soon as I could to escape from Phraeda. Uncle Hank wasn't picking me up for another hour and a bit so I walked on down to the Forks to recover and read a bit. It reached 24C and it was beautiful outside! I tagged along with Hank for the rest of the afternoon while he did some work related deliveries. Before making our way back to the Nyman's home we needed to pick up some groceries at the store. It's always fun to make Uncle Hank uncomfortable and I found my chance. On the cover of a magazine there was a headline that said "10 things that men want in bed". I read the title out loud and starting listing things that I want: breakfast, TV, Internet, flannel pajamas... at this point the lady ahead in line looked back and smiled. Uncle Hank had enough and he uttered that two guys in a grocery store shouldn't be discussing that loudly. It was a priceless moment. Of course he got me back my planting a large bag of chips on the coffee table in the room that I was sleeping in and of course I devoured the whole thing in one sitting! I'm so weak when it comes to chips and he knows it! Uncle Hank is a kid at heart though. Most of the time I spent there was occupied by either teasing him or defending myself from his slams against Rush and almost everything else that I like.

We made our way back to Springstein which is where the Nymans live. It's a small town (pop 20?) outside of Winnipeg. This will be the first time I've ever stayed there when there wasn't snow on the ground. I made my way down to the basement where I normally stay and made myself at home.

While at the Nyman's home a good chunk of my time is spent with my cousin Logan who is 6 (turning 7 soon). The activity of the moment is Lego. Perfect, since I still find it fun to play with. For some reason he finds my idea of mixing up lego parts and using my imagination to create original objects interesting. He wanted to know if I was some kind of lego expert. Now that would be an awesome job title. How would you bring that up on a date? "So, what do you do Scott?"... "Well, I am a lego expert. I respond to lego emergencies.". Not like I'm doing much better with the ladies with my current shtick. At dinner one night Logan asked why I wasn't married with kids. That unleashed so much potential for Uncle Hank to slam me, but fortunately he was relatively kind to me. I was also the validator of coolness for Logan. It's a position I've never held before so my answers to his "Is this cool, Scott?" questions were always vague and did not side with a yes or no answer.

The first day I got Uncle Hank to drop me off at the Winnipeg Art Gallery. I didn't do my research and found out that it didn't open for another 2 hours. Instead I meandered my way around downtown and took a couple pics of the legislature and the Golden Boy. I found a coffee shop with free wireless and hung out there until Hank came to pick up up shortly after noon. I would have stayed downtown but I had an appointment to see my cousin Logan (6) perform in the talent show at his school in Starbuck. We drive through monsoon like conditions (why does it rain everywhere I go?) and sit through over 2 hours of elementary school "talent". Things really got out of hand when what seemed to be a 5 and 8 year old performed Emininem, crotch grabs and all... I guess the shows content was not teacher reviewed. I got a short clip of Logan and we headed back to relax and enjoy the evening as the Canucks do their best to make me question why I keep cheering for them.

The next day I manage to make it to the Art Gallery while it's open. There was an awesome Baroque exhibit that words can't really describe. Here were my favourites of the gallery:

  • Hercules dressed in drag
  • The death of Mary
  • Woman at her Toilet
  • Job
  • Gypsy getting her wallet stolen

I stayed downtown because Uncle Hank got us tickets for 1st game of the 2nd round of the AHL playoffs featuring the Moose against the Hamilton Bulldogs (Montreals farm team). Now I know where the Canucks train their terrible play-off powerplay skills. The Moose lost 2-1 with the Moose scoring short handed with 30 seconds left to play. I was extremely impressed with the MTS centre. The seats have cup holders! The concourses were also much wider than the ones in GM Place so it didn't feel nearly as crowded when people were milling about.

After my 3rd night with the Nymans, it was time to go to catch my next train to Capreol. I said my goodbyes and Logan wouldn't let go of me. He even offered to buy me a house so I could live nearby!

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hi scott i wish i could've came out and seen u but o well hope to see you soon
Left by Jessica on May 10, 2007 7:05 PM

# re: Winnipeg
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Hi Scott--Springstein has a population of about 150. And I know we didn't get to spend much time together, but sheesh, you could have mentioned me and Bethany! I am your mother's only sister after all....
Left by Aunty Joan on May 25, 2007 4:44 PM

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Ignore Joan, she knows I'm the star of this show and Logan
is following my path to social kingship. And I wasn't that
uncomfortable. You want to go "Metro" in public? - GAME ON.
Left by Number 1 Bay City Rollers Fan on May 29, 2007 9:23 PM

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