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.NET Hobbyist Programmer Staying Confused in a Busy World March 2012 Entries
Noise Canceling Earphones
I travel a lot. The hours spent droning through the sky can be made more tolerable with an MP3 player and a set of noise-cancelling headphones. Reducing the sound of the airflow and engines is a great relief. For a year or two, I used a pair of folding Sony MDR-NC5 Noise Canceling Headphones, the ear foam covers self-destructed. I replaced them with old washcloth material and was happy, but the DW thought it looked bad. I switched to a new set of Sony MDR-NC6 Noise Canceling Headphones. These worked ......

Posted On Friday, March 30, 2012 6:19 AM

C# Value Type Table
One of the things I always seem to be checking are the various characteristics of the C# value types. You know, stupid questions like whether int is the same as System.Int32 or System.Int64. I know the answer, but when I need it, I just want a quick reference. I could not find one, so I made one. I think it is correct since I combined multiple tables from the MSDN documentation. Value Type Category .NET Framework Type Approximate Range Default Value Literal Size Precision Implicit Numeric Conversions ......

Posted On Sunday, March 25, 2012 8:34 PM

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