October 2012 Entries

No More NCrunch For Me

NCrunch is a Visual Studio add-in which runs your tests while you work so you know if you've broken anything, as well as providing coverage indicators in the IDE and coverage metrics on demand. It recently went commercial, and time is running out for the free version I've been using for the last couple of months. From my experiences using NCrunch I'm going to let it expire, and go about my business without it. Here's why.

Extending WatiN: Useful Extension Methods

I've been doing a fair amount of UI testing using WatiN recently – here’s some extension methods I've found useful.

Unobtrusive Maximum Input Lengths with JQuery and FluentValidation

JQuery unobtrusive validation can be used to show an error message when the user inputs too many characters or a numeric value which is too big. On a recent project we wanted to use input's maxlength attribute to prevent a user from entering too many characters rather than cure the problem with an error message - here's how we did it.