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Many months ago I came across an interesting Microsoft website, the TechNet Wiki, when I was looking for information about something that I can’t even remember anymore. I noticed at the time that its section on gaming technologies was sparse and even exchanged a few emails with one of the friendly Microsoft employees who contributes there regularly about some ideas I had for the site. I seem to recall mentioning my intentions to add some articles on XNA when I found the time but between one thing and another it seemed like I was busy from the end of last Summer straight through ‘til now.

Yesterday I came across the TechNet Wiki link in my miscellaneous links collection and remembered my intentions many months ago. I decided that adding XNA pages to it would make a nice project to work on while taking breaks from my other projects. So I wrote my first two articles for it: XNA Framework Overview and Content Pipeline Overview. I hope to add more in the coming days and weeks. I’d be delighted if some of my fellow XNA enthusiasts out there joined in, time permitting. Anyone else who’d like to add a page or two on a topic area you’re familiar with, this seems like a great opportunity to contribute to the community and help build a nice knowledge base to benefit all of us who are always interested in learning something new!

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