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Garage Sale Code



The term “Garage Sale Code” came from a post by Scott Hanselman. He defines Garage Sale Code as:

  • Complete – It’s a whole library or application.
  • Concise – It does one discrete thing.
  • Clear – It’ll work when you get it.
  • Cheap – It’s free or < 25 cents.
  • (Quite Possibly) Crap – As with a Garage Sale, you’ll never know until you get it home if it’s useless.

With the code I’ve posted here, you’ll get all 5 of those things (with an emphasis on crap). All of the projects listed below are available on CodePlex with full source code and executables (for those that just want to run it).  I plan on keeping this page updated when I complete projects that benefit the community.  You can always find this page again by swinging by or you can keep on driving and find another sale.

Name Description Language/Technology Used
WPF Alphabet WPF Alphabet is a application that I created to help my child learn the alphabet. It displays each letter and pronounces it using speech synthesis. It was developed using WPF and c# in about 3 hours (so its kinda rough). C#, WPF
Windows 7 Playlist Generator This program allows you to quickly create wvx video playlist for Windows Media Center. This functionality is not included in WMC and is useful if you want to play video files back to back without selecting the next file. It is also useful to queue up video files to keep children occupied! C#, WinForms
Windows 7 Automatic Playlist Creator This application is designed to create W7MC playlist automatically whenever you want. You can select if you want the playlist sorted Alphabetical, by Creation Date or Random. C#, WinForms, Console
Generator Twitter Message for Live Writer This is a plug-in for Windows Live Writer that generates a twitter message with your blog post name and a TinyUrl link to the blog post. It will do all of this automatically after you publish your post. C#, LiveWriter API
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