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Recently, I was asked to help build a web application that, like most custom dev projects, has its own RDBMS, and general application layers to present the data users are able to manage.  The application has some simple workflows, but generally is simple CRUD stuff.  Additionally, the client needs to be able to associate the data stored in the custom application with physical files which can range from 50-300MB each. 

At this point, anyone reading this blog is thinking...why are you blogging about this??

The catch is the client has already made the decision that all web developement must be surfaced through MOSS 2007.  Immediately several design options come to mind to get this to work. 

  1.  I can create a standard web application that "looks" like MOSS and just have that run as a traditional web app off of a link within SharePoint. 
  2. I can follow the same approach as 1, but expose the interface through an IFrame web part. or
  3. Dig deep into the MOSS environment and take this opportunity to show that an application can be built leveraging the existing MOSS environment as a development framework. 

I Choose 3!

So, I'll begin to discuss the problems and solutions as well as headaches and successes that occur as this application begins to take form.

Posted on Friday, October 12, 2007 10:03 AM MOSS 2007 Application Development | Back to top

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