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Yeah, I know it has not even been 24 hours since the release of 2.0 but I've already compliled a list of likes/dislikes and here they are. Maybe someone at Microsoft will stumble across this:

  • Prompting when I clear all my breakpoints??!? c'mon I'm smarter than that!
  • Refactor doesn't rename folders on my machine. Ok, this is a huge wish, but sho' would be nice
  • ecapsulating a field won't format the class so that my fields are at the top, then constructors then properties then methods. That can't be too hard.
  • classes aren't public by default
  • Limited Integration with VSS for MSBuild (yeah yeah, I know there are tools available, but again...sho' would be nice)
  • With ObjectDataSources I can't choose an interface for my business object (with the wizard).  Shouldn't I be able to bind to a contract?

Posted on Tuesday, November 8, 2005 6:56 PM .NET 2.0 | Back to top

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# re: 2.0 Release Wish List
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There's an option for the breakpoint prompt. Check Tools... Options. Let me know if you can't find it and I'll try and track it down again.
Left by Eric Hammersley on Nov 08, 2005 1:54 PM

# re: 2.0 Release Wish List
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Oops, didn;t see that option. I got it (Tools --> Options --> Debugging --> "Ask before deleting all breakpoints") Thanks for the heads up, Eric
Left by Marc Schuricht on Nov 09, 2005 6:05 AM

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