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Exchange 2013: Configuring the virtual directories

Configuring the Exchange 2013 Virtual Directories in the EAC

Step 1: Left click on "Internet Explorer (button)"

Step 2: Left click on "Address Bar"


Step 3: Enter the name of your Exchange 2013 server in the following format:


Note the addition of the ?ExchClientVer=15 string to the ecp url. Without this string you would be redirected to the Exchange 2010 ecp!

Step 4: Log in with an account which has membership in the “Organization Management” security group


Step 5: Left click on "Servers"


Step 6: Left click on "mailboxes - Microsoft Exchange - Windows Internet Explorer"


Step 7: Left click on "virtual directories"

Step 8: Select the server you want to configure from the drop down .

Step 10: Left click on the directory you wish to configure.



Step 11: Enter the applicable URL.


Step 12: Left click on "Save"


Step 13: Repeat for all virtual directories (“autodiscover“ will have to be configured through the management shell).



Using the Exchange management Shell


Step 1: Open the start menu


Step 2: Start typing “Exchange Management Shell” and press enter



Step 3: Use the following commands to configure each URL (replace “ with the URL to be used in your environment):

Set-ClientAccessServer –Identity CON-EX2013CAS - AutoDiscoverServiceInternalUri

Set-EcpVirtualDirectory "CON-EX2013CAS\ecp (Default Web Site)" - ExternalUrl -InternalUrl

Set-OwaVirtualDirectory "CON-EX2013CAS\owa (Default Web Site)" - ExternalUrl -InternalUrl

Set-OabVirtualDirectory "CON-EX2013CAS\oab (Default Web Site)" - ExternalUrl -InternalUrl

Set-WebServicesVirtualDirectory "CON-EX2013CAS\ews (Default Web Site)" -ExternalUrl -InternalUrl

Set-ActiveSyncVirtualDirectory "CON-EX2013CAS\Microsoft-Server- ActiveSync (Default Web Site)" -ExternalUrl -InternalUrl




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# re: Exchange 2013: Configuring the virtual directories

Do I´m wrong or do you forgot to set the 'OutlookAnywhere' url´s?
8/24/2013 12:16 PM | Renato P

# re: Exchange 2013: Configuring the virtual directories

Hi Renato,

Outlook Anywhere is the only connectivity method for outlook users in Exchange 2013 and will work out of the box
8/24/2013 11:07 PM | Marc

# Easily configure the Virtual Directories using the "Configure External Access Domain" wizard in the EAC GUI

I use the quick and easy "Configure External Access Domain" wizard in the Exchange Admin Center GUI to set the Exchange 2013 virtual directories

On my first couple installs I set the virtual directories one by one using the Admin Center or the Shell until I finally located the new version of the wizard that I used to always use in 2010. In 2010 it was called "Configure External Client Access Domain".
3/8/2014 6:38 AM | Chris Harris

# re: Exchange 2013: Configuring the virtual directories

Whenever I try to set the URL's I get this error.

Active Directory operation failed on Server1.MURRAY.local. This error is not retriable. Additional information: Insufficient access rights to perform the operation. Active directory response: 00002098: SecErr: DSID-03150BC1, problem 4003 (INSUFF_ACCESS_RIGHTS), data 0

Any Idea what this could be? I made sure to Enable Inheritance and I am still getting it.
10/12/2015 12:18 PM | J Nash

# re: Exchange 2013: Configuring the virtual directories

Hi Nash,

The only other time I've seen that was when the exchange servers were unlicensed....

Have you tried making a new users and giving it exchange admin rights only?

10/13/2015 7:23 AM | Marc
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