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OWA for ios devices

I was in the presentation launch of the OWA for ios devices and boy, does that look exciting! We now feature a full app for Office 365 supporting OWA offline and many more options. Support for Exchange 2013 on premise deployments is not there yet but is planned to come soon (when it's ready!)

"Our goal is to help our customers remain productive anytime, anywhere.  This includes providing a great email experience on smartphones and tablets.  Windows Phone 8 comes with a top-notch native email client in Outlook Mobile, and we offer Exchange ActiveSync (EAS), which is the de-facto industry standard for accessing Exchange email on mobile devices.  In order to better support many of our customers who use their iPhones and iPads for work, we are introducing OWA for iPhone and OWA for iPad, which bring a native Outlook Web App experience to iOS devices!"

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# re: OWA for ios devices

We use Exchange 2013 on-premises (CU 2) and can use the ios native OWA App without any issues!!

app version 15.00.0702044

server version : 15.0.712.22

First put in your username and password and click login

Then you wil get an error stating that you probably don't have an office365 subscription.

Click on Advanced and provide your account information (e-mail, username, password, domain) and the url of your owa : e.g.

That is all!

What I don't understand is why Microsoft doesn't provide customers with this information and saying that it only works with Office365?
8/25/2013 7:34 PM | Nour Din

# re: OWA for ios devices

Hi Nour,

The answer to that is supportability. It was originally designed for office 365 and only tested against Office 365. Think of it like the item count limit in Exchange 2013 being 1 million. It probably works fine with more but it just wasn't tested.
8/25/2013 10:51 PM | Marc
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