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May 2013 Entries

Context Using the CTRL + or shortcuts to move between different heading levels works perfect. But if you use list styles it doesn’t switch the other defined types than headings. That’s because these shortcuts are the OutlinePromote and OutlineDemote shortcuts. Solution If you like to switch between the levels of a list style you have to use the decrease and increase indent buttons in the toolbar (). To access this functionality via shortcut you have to add own one. Remarks Customize shortcuts to ......

IDEs, Editors, .. Here are my favorites in descend order Visual Studio Express 2012 for Web yes! - it allows you free F# development, notably for libraries LINQPad again and again a wonderful tool! SharpDevelop sometimes a little bit idiosyncratic Online Scratchpad on the fastest start … Additional resources Maybe the following packages are necessary or in minimum useful: Visual F# Express Tools The free standalone F# compiler tools Windows 8 and .NET 4.5 SDK Windows 7 and .NET 4.0 ......

Situation By installing BizTalk in a distributed environment it is essential, that the MS DTC (Microsoft Distributed Transaction Controller) have a unique CID. Notably by cloning machines in a virtual environment this is often not the case, if the customizing after cloning is too simple established. A lot of system guys don’t care about this IDs – they only change the SIDs of the systems. To verify this, you have compare these IDs via RegEdit. Start RegEdit Goto HKCR\CID (there are around 4 GUIDs ......

Problem I tried to add the Emmet (fka Zen Coding) package to Sublime Text 2. But by running this “Install Package” (CTRL + SHIFT + p) command no packages were displayed. Solution No glue why, but I had to change the repository channels protocol (Preferences > Package Settings > Package Control > Settings – Default) from https to http: And voila .. here we have the packages: ......

Situation, Problem During playing a little bit with these WPF MVC F# projects inside SharpDevelop I stumbled over the situation, that I could not send F# snippets to the interactive window. The menu was not available. Normally it looks like this: Solution If you would like to use the context menu “Send to F# Interactive” inside SharpDevelop during fsx developing, you have to ensure that this fsx file is part of an F# project! fsx only as a solution item no context menu “Send to F# Interactive” fsx ......

Situation My private machine has Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2012 for Windows Desktop. This Visual Studio edition doesn’t allow to develop with F#. So I installed additionally SharpDevelop. But it took longer as expected to get F# projects running in this environment. Problem Creating a new or opening an existing F# project ended up in this error: “Please ensure that the F# compiler is installed on your computer.” According the the installation hints from Use F# on Windows, I installed the following ......