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I was working on configuring a ArcGIs 9.3 Server with MOSS & WSS. Works great untill I enabled Security on the ArcGIS Server for the Map Service.  Once enabled, You cannot disable the security using the Server Manager. But I wanted to. I was not prepared to rollback my Virtual machine.

EDN search & Google search brought me information that was not all that useful. 

If you have enabled the Security setting on ArcGIs 9.3 server and wanted to disable the security : Just do the following on your SOM.

  1. Go to the Directory you installed the arcgis server manager (Default Install will have here: C:\Program files\ArcGIS ). Lets call this location your %ARCGISSERVER%
  2. Go to %ARCGISSERVER%\server\system and you should see a file named "server.dat"
  3. You can open this file in notepad
  4. Look at the very first line: - change the security enabled from true to false. Stop and start your ArcGIS SOM Service. Do IIS Reset. Logon back in your Server manager. You should see the unlock icon for all services you published.


In reality, this is not someting you want to do in production environment, but you never know. This trick saved me hours of installation and re-configuration.

Happy holidays


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Quite inspiring,

This is a great resolution,

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