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Disclaimer – this article describes a fix that worked for me – YMMV…proceed with caution.

I recently encountered a weird error with the TFSWarehouse data cube and reporting services for our site. It started out innocently enough with an error I hadn’t seen before in the event log (shown below)

Event ID 3000 Error

Well that was odd enough because it suddenly appeared out of nowhere, but then I also noticed odd things going on with the reports that TFS generates. It was generating reports but it was all stale data…apparently stale from the date this error first occurred (late last week). Digging through the event logs I found these errors:

Event ID 19 Error

Event ID 19 Error

The error above occurred when I tried to initiate an update and then later a complete rebuild of the data warehouse. I noticed the timestamps on all the files in the TfsWarehouse.0.db directory were right before the error in the event log and started to wonder just what the heck had happened to cause the file corruption.

To complicate matters further when I tried to apply the hotfix that Microsoft had supplied (see MS KB Article 940229) the installation of the hotfix failed with the following error:

Error applying hot fix 940229

The log file for this error essentially chalked it up to permissions errors but I tried applying the hotfix as the TFS Service, The TFS Reporting Service, and then finally as a domain admin…all to no avail.

So now I had an error with a hotfix that wouldn’t apply because of corruption in a file…I was half tempted to just restore from backup because I wasn’t sure what else to do but then had another idea which actually turned out to work for me, but as I’ve said before, I don’t know if it’s an “approved” fix, but it worked.

Since I had a good backup but didn’t want to have to worry about re-importing all the work items added since that backup I decided to make a fresh backup at this point so I could do a bit of a “Stop->Rewind” if things got out of hand.

Once that was done I mounted the backup image from before the file corruption and copied out that directory to a temporary location. Then I started to replace the files which the error logs had indicated were corrupt. That in itself didn’t fix the problem – still got the same error in the event log when I went to run the hotfix but another error that popped up lead me to a newsgroup discussion about removing the version map file (master.mvp) to recover from a different analysis services error. I renamed the original master.mvp to OriginalMaster.mvp and then invoked the process to rebuild the TFSWarehouse – which it did. Sweet I thought now I can press on…but I still ran into other issues…so another far out thought had me replace all the files from the TfsWarehouse.0.db directory with the ones from my known good backup and that started showing improvement. After that I renamed the OriginalMaster.mvp back to master.mvp and was able to complete a successful rebuild of the data warehouse….and now I was able to successfully apply the hotfix.

This morning I was able to come in and pull up all the correct reports from the server…with all current data in them. So the problem was solved.

If anyone has any insight as to what might have caused those errors in the first place I’d be interested to know…also if anyone can chime in a more orthodox solution, please do!

Posted on Wednesday, January 23, 2008 12:20 PM Visual Studio Team System , SQL Stuff , Tips and Tricks | Back to top

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