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What the heck do those two have in common?


On Friday I arrived at the Charleston, SC airport all set to fly out to Chris' house for code camp. Having just gone through the TSA security line and in the process of collecting all my stuff and re-packing I heard a voice off behind me that sounded familiar. Being from the Charleston area I turned around figuring I might know the person and say "hi" but imagine my surprise when instead I turned around to see this guy:

 Richard Simmons at CHS

(ok the picture is pretty bad - I've got an old cell phone)

There he was talking to some other guy - when he saw me looking he just waved.

I thought that might be the end of that but then when I got to my departure gate to wait on my flight I find he’s waiting in the same area…and on the same flight (leaving CHS to ATL with follow-on to MSY).

He’s a trip to see in person because the flamboyant personality you see on TV is the same one I saw in the airport. He readily posed for pictures with everyone who came up to him and asked. I thought things got ridiculous when people started handing cell phones to him so he could talk to their mom, dad, husband, wife, friend, etc. but he handled it nicely and talked on each phone he was handed. When our plan finally arrived at the gate and the passengers on board exited so we could begin loading, he got out in front of them all yelling “Welcome to Charleston everyone – we’re so glad you could make it here today!” much to the surprise of the folks leaving the plane.

All in all it certainly made for an interesting start of my trip to code camp.

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