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So I finally got the time to sit down with a copy of Visual Studio 2008 Beta 2 and got it installed on my test rig. Here's how it all went down...
I did a custom install this first time around - no Visual C++, and none of the SQL Compact or Crystal Reports stuff. I was certain to include the new Code Analysis, Performance and Testing tools though. I've heard some interesting things about the way those tools have improved with VS 2008 and am anxious to try them out.
I'm also pretty anxious to try out .NET Compact Framework 3.5 development. I was so into .NET CF back in the 1.x days and then got so busy with other things I pretty much missed out on all the cool stuff with Windows Mobile 5 and .NET CF 2.0...and now Windows Mobile 6 and beyond. I guess it would also have helped if I had a newer device! If any manufacturers out there want a really thorough review of their device, send it to me and I'll gladly review it :)
So after the lengthy install process I got started right away with some old code snippets and running those through the new performance tools. I really like the idea of the Code Metrics tool and can't wait to try it on some production code from the shop. There was rather limited support for this type of information with Team Suite 2005, but it's improved quite a bit in Team Suite 2008.
There were some layout changes to the Code Profiler tool that took a moment to get used to. You can now access the sub-sections using a drop down list instead of a button/tab interface like in 2005.
Aside from the performance tools that I quickly tested out, another thing I thought was pretty neat was the visual XAML designer....that's right, drag and drop to build WPF apps instead of using XAMLpad. I'll have to check that out after I'm done with all the performance tool testing.
Next order of business is to find some suitable hardware to install Team Foundation Server 2008 so I can see what's changed there from TFS 2005.
I'll post a little more detail on the code profiler, code analysis and code metrics as I start to test them on real world app.
Posted on Tuesday, October 23, 2007 7:35 AM Visual Studio Team System , Software Reviews | Back to top

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