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Each year for the last seven Wagga Wagga hosts the annual Code Camp Oz. It is the largest community .NET conference in Australia.

For reasons I don’t understand the organisers choose to hold ccoz in Wagga; a location that is inconvenient to everyone. My preferred technique to get there is to fly to Canberra and drive a hire car to Wagga. This year I took advantage of some time in Canberra to catch up with a friend and then work on my presentation, before heading to Wagga Friday night.

IMG_7131 Aaron Powell kicked things off Saturday morning with a flying tour of .NET open source CMS platforms. The day was dominated by marathon efforts from Omar Besiso and Steven Nagy.

First Sunday morning was Alex Mackey. The presentation was enjoyable, but the message was depressing. HTML 5 is not going to make my job easier.

Pizza arrived early, bumping my session to 1pm. I had already determined that I had to leave at 2pm to get the hire car back in time so the new schedule didn’t leave a lot of margin. I spoke about BDD with Story Q. There were a lot of good questions and discussion so hopefully some people might get some ideas from it.

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