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In a recent podcast Scott Hanselman accurately, and delicately, exposed some of the weaknesses of NHibernate.

Scott focused on the difficulty of getting started with NHibernate, referring to the number of assemblies required, and on the oversupply of choice that plagues the NHibernate user, such as with mapping and query options.

The best products require a strong leader, with a singular vision and clear purpose. In contrast, NHibernate appears to have been assembled by a committee divided by space, time and goal.

The situation is frustrating because NHibernate is currently my data access tool of choice. For all of its shortcomings I do not know of a better alternative. 

To celebrate the more-features-is-always-better mentality I put together a mockup of what the iPhone may have looked like if designed by the .NET open source community.


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