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I have a MongoDb collection called tweets. Each document has a property system_classification. If the value of system_classification is ‘+’ I want to change it to ‘positive’.

For a regular relational database the query would be:

update tweets
set system_classification = 'positive'
where system_classification = '+'

the MongoDb equivalent is:

 db.tweets.update({system_classification: '+'}, 
 {$set: {system_classification:'positive'}}, false, true)

Parameter Description

{ system_classification: '+' }

the first parameter identifies the documents to select

{ $set: { system_classification: 'positive' } }

the second parameter is an operation ($set) and the parameter to that operation {system_classification: ‘positive’}
false the third parameter indicates if this is a regular update or an upsert (true for upsert)
true the final parameter indicates if the operation should be applied to all selected documents (or just the first)
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