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Liam McLennan
I began the third and final day of JAOO Brisbane by arriving late. I had left my name tag at home so I had to go back for it.

I was in time for Robert Martin's keynote Clean Code. Uncle Bob is well known for his enthusiastic, entertaining presentation style. I greatly enjoyed his talk, even though it was really just a back-to-basics on writing code. He did a tutorial on advanced design that I missed, but I'm sure it would have been excellent.

Next was Jim Webber speaking about distributed programming using the internet. Jim is also an excellent and insightful speaker. I enjoyed the talk even though I don't particularly care about the topic. He talked about WS-* and described an approach for using RESTful services.

Before lunch Gregor Hohpe spoke about some of the new services offered by google. Things like GData, Google Apps, and Google Mashup editor. I did not get much from the talk because I am not interested in those tools. It seemed like a really bad way to make software.

After lunch Robert Martin spoke about functions. Because the talks are limited to 45 minutes they work best when the speaker focuses on one small aspect - such as functions. I got some good ideas from the talk that I will be trying to implement.

After a short break I was back to listen to Michael Feathers talk about designing testable APIs. This is a topic that is very close to Michael's heart, but it seemed that some of the audience did not feel it was relevant (so why did they come?). I learnt some things and will definately keep unit testing in mind when designing APIs.

Finally, Eric Dornenburg gave us his thoughts on Software Quality - specifically how to use visualazation tools to provide feedback on software quality. Some interesting metrics came up and I will be looking for some tools for .NET when I get the chance. He showed thought works toxicity chart which I thought was particularly interesting. It basically provided a way to measure the health of an application, broken down by class. I wish that it was available to the public.

After Eric's talk there was some time for socialising and meeting the speakers. Because the conference was nice and small (~200) I was able to have a chat with most of the speakers which was nice. Overall the JAOO experience was very positive and I have already signed up for next year. Posted on Saturday, May 31, 2008 6:15 PM | Back to top

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