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I realize I have been quite quiet lately. This is due to three main things: busy_person

One, I started a new job with AdventureTech Group, Inc.. I am consulting again, and I am liking it much more this time around. AdventureTech is an awesome company and everyone I’ve met has been outstanding. All the developers are top-notch and I can’t wait to get a chance to learn from all of them.

Second, I’ve been preparing my presentations for the St. Louis Day of Dot Net. I am totally excited about going to St. Louis and meeting all the St. Louis Developer, and seeing some people I haven’t seen in a bit.

Third, I’ve been working on a screen cast series about Behavior-Driven Development. I really liked the Hibernating Rhinos and Summer of NHibernate series and thought I might be able to put together a small series of doing context-specification style BDD. I have really underestimated what goes into doing a screen cast and have a new respect for Oren and Steve.

I have also been digging into ASP.NET MVC, Sharp Architecture (LOVE IT), SubSonic and JQuery. I am also scheduled to do a lightning round about BDD at HDC in October. All in all, it hasn’t left much time.

I would say look for more posts to come about all of this. Until then keep learning!

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See you in a few weeks at STLDODN!
Left by Chris Deweese on Aug 13, 2009 7:38 PM

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