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I'm not too big of a fan of Reality shows.  My wife got in to Beauty and the Geek on the CW network.  The past few weeks I've been watching it with her.

So, tonight was the finale.  The final four players, two teams of Megan and Scooter, and Nate and Cecille, put themselves at the mercy of the eliminated players, to determine the winner.

Since the beginning of the game, Cecille succeeded in alienating herself, and effectively eliminated herself from the winnings.  Her partner, Nate, showed extreme class in how he handled the situation.

The former members were to vote on who changed the most, and though everyone wanted Nate to win, they couldn't stand his partner.  Nate went to all the former players and said that it was OK not to vote for his team to win.  He said that the point of the competition was to discover what is possible if you were to open your mind to change, and embrace it.  His partner didn't do that.  She didn't even try.  He said that he and Cecille were not the winners of the game, and he felt that if she was to lose, that would be a better lesson for her.

Now, that's class.  Good going, Nate.

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