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I am proud to announce that, with one week to go, the St. Louis Day of .NET 2010 is almost upon us. 

I have been pretty swamped with Day of .NET organization tasks this year (as well as growing a small business and building out my own development team) and haven’t spent too much time blogging.  That said, I wanted to get this post out to share some great news about the conference.

For those of you who don’t know much about the conference, it is called the St. Louis Day of .NET 2010 conference and will be held at the Ameristar Casino Conference Center on Friday and Saturday, August 20th and 21st, 2010.  Registration is still open and more information can be found on our conference site at

So how are things shaping up this year you ask?

First, we are very humbled that we have exceeded 600 attendees.  The venue can support over 1,000 so we aren’t too cramped for space but we are still scrambling to make sure all our logistics our worked out to make navigation as painless as possible.  If you are one of those 600, thank you for signing up and we look forward to seeing you at the event. 

Second, as I write this, we are sending out update emails to all 600 attendees with an announcement that our final session agenda is now posted and we are providing an online session builder where attendees can pick what they want to see and print their own customized session agenda in PDF format.  

We have 109 unique sessions planned for this year and they will be delivered by 56 great regional and national presenters.  The thing that I am the most proud of in being involved with these events is that these speakers travel from all over the country to speak at our event with no compensation other than knowing they are sharing their passion with others and for the camaraderie of other developers.  We couldn’t be happier with the content we are providing and we hope all attendees take the time to say thanks to these presenters for making something like this possible.

We are proud to host a Friday afternoon keynote by Brian Goldfarb, the Microsoft Director of Product Management for Developer Platforms.  Brian is coming to St. Louis to share information on a wide array of current and future technologies and will focus on Silverlight 4.0 and even discuss some of the mobile options with Silverlight.  We are excited to have Brian out and even more excited to get all our attendees into a single room (for the first time in our 3 years as a conference).

On Friday evening (August 20th), we are hosting a networking and social event at the HOME Nightclub at the Ameristar.   We are providing hors’devours and even some entertainment and encouraging all attendees to take the opportunity to mingle with their peers and expand their professional network.  This is always a fun event where we get to see a lot of familiar faces and to make some great new friends.

This year we are welcoming 12 sponsors to our vendor fair and we couldn’t be prouder of the response we received when asking for sponsorship support from our community.  We feel the vendor fair is an important part of the conference and it goes a long way in promoting our community and keeping key sponsors involved with developers from many different organizations.

Another new addition to this years event is the introduction of a Charity Book Fair (which is near and dear to my heart and something I’ve been trying to get going for a few years).  The ideas is that many developers have accumulated technical books over the years that are probably, for whatever reason, accumulating dust on their shelves.  These books might not have any more use to their owners but we believe they do have the possibility of being of value to someone.  For this reason we are asking developers to bring these old books to our conference and donate them to this great cause.  While at the event, developers can look through and purchase any of the donated books for $3.  All proceeds from this event are being donated to St. Louis United Way where it can be put to good use benefiting a wide array of local organizations.

That’s about all of the major updates I have for now regarding this event. I’m personally very excited to get things underway but, I must admit, I will also be a bit relieved when it is over and I can get back to my normal life and will hopefully have some more time to blog about all the great technology stuff I’ve had the opportunity to be doing.

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I attended last year and am looking forward to this year's event on Friday and Saturday. Thanks for all your efforts organizing this event!

Left by Jim G on Aug 17, 2010 12:36 PM

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