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The best way to describe this space is :

scrap paper - loose sheets of paper, often already partly used, for writing notes on.

For many reasons I feel the current timeslot to be a highly active one. A lot of things are happening. Applications are moving away from the PC to the internet. Computing is becoming more and more pervasive. The size of information we used to manage is getting bigger and bigger. There was a period when I used to wonder why the chip makers always try to make the clock run faster and faster. 

The arena dominated by a single mammoth is now history. Apple and Google are now getting more personal than Microsoft. The future is for everyone. 

I am not a visionary. I still remember the day when Digger2 told me that MS is not going to be a monopoly for all time. And that, something and someone better will come up one day.

Since I spend majority of the time writing device drivers, many of the entries (if this weblog lives) will be related to that. The rest will reflect my views on the current tech world. 

I read regularly :).

And I am not going to spell check here.

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Digger2 calling Digger1...

We have visual of Entry Point. Looks formidable. Requesting backup. Over.

Left by Ramesh on Oct 25, 2005 1:00 PM

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