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This week, I played with Expression Blend, started using Visual Studio 2008 and had another great meeting with Philly Dot Net User group.
Expression Blend:
I’ve built many flash applications. Microsoft has handled some of the complaints I’ve always had with flash. You can program to it!!! Flashes ability to develop beautiful sites is excellent. But the ability to manipulate the output via code is non-existent. The first thing I did is followed a couple of the great training videos from . if you haven’t played with Expression, download a trial or get it from your MSDN subscription; It’s great. Once you start working with it you will realize Silverlight is without a doubt going to change the face of web sites. Move over Flash – Silverlight is here!
VS 2008:
I reformatted my laptop in anticipation of the Visual Studio 08 release. I checked MSDN every day since I reformatted. I started downloading at 10:30 AM by 2:00 PM I was installing it. It took a while to install. As a matter of fact, I drove home with my laptop on and installing. After it was up and running the first thing I did is create a new WCF host. I’ve never been a fan of templates, I was surprised to see when I created a new WCF project that Interface with automatically added – WOW! 
If you didn’t download it yet – DO IT. If you are not an MSDN member, it is well worth the cost. Or you can just buy VS 2008.
Philly.Net User Group:
This was meeting was a special meeting – The theme was “6 year anniversary party Featuring 15 minutes of Fame!
The meeting consisted of;
Marc Ziss, ZConsulting Using Subsonic to build a Data Access Layer and Admin App
Mark Magliocco, Consultant Mentoring 101
Steve Andrews, RDA Consulting Building a Visual Studio Debugger Visualizer
Andy Schwam, It's Time To Learn LINQ
Travis LaBorde, TelerX XML is awesome in VB9!
Brian Donahue, Pigeon Moon ALT.NET -The Pursuit of Happiness (on the .NET Framework)
Danilo Diaz, Microsoft How to be more valuable
David Mann, KDC Holdings WSS as a Web Application Platform
Mitch Ruebush, INGDirect Build a Game in 15 Minutes with XNA and C#  - Mitch had a family emergency so;
Rob Keiser – Gave a lesson on  Power Shell – Way to go Rob! 
Bill Wolff, Unisys Corporation Microsoft Developer Roadmaps
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