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James Oloo Onyango - Programming Insights Mastery of this pervasive field of programming demands a life time's effort. It cannot be bought at a lesser price! Software Architecture and Design The number of programmers out there "abusing" their language(s) of choice is simply mind boggling! The role of software architecture and design in successful software development cannot be overemphasized!
Software Project Failure, Root Causes and Anti-Patterns

Five sixths of all software projects are not completed in the stipulated time and within budget, of these over one third get cancelled all together. What is surprising is how little documentation there is out there on how to NOT have your software project go wrong. The first step in doing this is by identifying the Root Causes as to why software projects fail. This, not surprisingly is one of three view points in appreciating software anti-pattterns Root Causes are mistakes in software devel

Posted On Monday, July 23, 2012 11:54 PM

Agile Development
Alot of literature has and is being written about agile developement and its surrounding philosophies. In my quest to find the best way to express the importance of agile methodologies, i have found Robert C. Martin's "A Satire Of Two Companies" to be both the most concise and thorough! Enjoy the read! Rufus Inc Project Kick Off Your name is Bob. The date is January 3, 2001, and your head still aches from the recent millennial revelry. You are sitting in a conference room with several managers and ......

Posted On Monday, March 8, 2010 2:44 PM

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