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Yesterday I stumbled across a totally invaluable tool to help with unit testing your code in Visual Studio:  TestDriven.Net. (formerly known as NUnitAddIn)  It's a Visual Studio addin that allows you to run your NUnit, MbUnit, Team System, and soon Zanebug unit tests by just right clicking on the test method, class or namspace and clicking the “Run Test(s)” menu item.  You can run just one test, all the tests in a class or all the tests in the namespace.  This is cool and all, but the best part is that it will allow you to run the test under debug.  So you set your break point in the unit test, right click and pick “Test with...Debugger” and boom!, you've now got the process caught on your breakpoint.  No more attaching the debugger to a running NUnit process.  This is especially nice if you need native code support with the debugger, because when you detach the debugger from NUnit, NUnit would get closed.

Now this isn't a total replacement for using NUnit when TDD'ing.  You still would want to run the entire suite of tests fairly often.  Its writing individual tests where this tool really shines.

And did I mention the best part?  Its free!

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