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In the process up updating an app from Visual Studio 2003 to VS 2008.  It happens to have a couple dozen crystal reports that it executes regarly.

Upgraded visual studio to 2008, and when attempting to generate the reports an exception was thrown.

A significant portion of the rendering engine for Crystal Reports is not coming from Crystal, it's coming from Visual Studio and those methods and properties have changed over the years.  I needed to upgrade the report generating methods from the VS 2003 way of doing things to the VS 2008 way for the report to generate successfully.

Not only that, but this means that while we were previously rendering with Crystal 9 in VS 2003, Visual Studio 2008 will render per Crystal 10, which treats things like column widths in Excel different (by default, at least) so now we have to go through all of our reports and compare outputs for Crystal just to upgrade the Visual Studio environment that I foolishly believed would  not be affected.

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