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Most New Landing Pages Look the Same

I’ve been hitting the web more than usual the past few months as part of R&D for various needs. I’ve come to realize that the winds of web fashion have taken a considerable turn in the past few years. Almost cyclical, in my opinion.

Take a look at these examples:

It doesn’t take too long to start identifying some new patterns

General Page Layout


I hit these pages and I feel like I’m at the impulse buy section of the grocery store. So clearly, it works!

Big Poofy Text


Crank up the font size on your home screen if you want to match today’s trends. And you’re bound to get bullied in the website owners’ locker room if you’re caught using a font with serifs.

Fat ‘n Fluffy Buttons


Thanks to ubiquitous libraries like jQueryUI those basic, blocky HTML buttons are a thing of the past! And the buttons are getting larger and larger, and enact a satisfying *fwump!* feeling when you click them.

Rounded Corners


It’s not just the frames surrounding our content anymore; you may notice that even the textboxes these days have clean rounded corners.

Punchy 3D Effects


Flat layouts are falling out of favor. Shadows and other tricks to make the webpage elements pop out are becoming more popular.

Out with the New, In with the Old

I find these trends intriguing. In my opinion, it’s a phase we’ve hit after our rebellion against our awkward geocities adolescense. To clarify, our evolution followed these stages:

  1. Early Web Man – We created shameless crude sites with childish fonts (Comic Sans Serif), obnoxious repeating star backgrounds, marquees, MIDI players, frames, and big open spaces.
  2. Rebellion – Embarassed by the tactlessness of his elders, Web Man created webpage layouts with tightly-wound text, no borders, miniscule fonts, and frightfully small radio buttons to click on.
  3. Renaissance – Web Man today.

Page layouts have expanded, padding and margins have returned, font sizes are increase again. This is all a good thing, in my opinion. Remember how our webpages had tedious, pointless blurbs just to fill space? : “Welcome to the GeneralTech home page! On the left you’ll see links to click on! If you click on them, you’ll go to other pages!”

So, it looks like the statute of limitations has finally effected our shameful early web days and can begin to harvest some of the more natural ideas that spurred from them. However, Comic Sans Serif better stay dead (see

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page elements pop out are becoming more popular.
Left by seo uk on May 04, 2012 7:25 PM

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That's because, "we're trendy!" And, that big fat button is pure CSS goodness, no jQuery UI there.
Left by Matt on May 14, 2012 10:33 AM

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