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Demostration of Windows 8

  • Lots of great stuff going on with Windows 7 installs
  • Touch First, Mouse Second – Wow, that is going to be interesting
  • Demo of a netbook from two years ago running Windows 8 using only 380mb of RAM, nice.  Steven even said it was his daily use machine for a year, Microsoft needs to buy him a nicer machine.
  • Windows 8 Start still feels like Windows Mobile and Windows Media Center had a child
  • We decided every time they said “SUPER”, we are drinking
  • They are very nervous and the quality is not as polished as Apple
  • The UI speed is amazing.  Swiping is so responsive
  • Wow, she reverted to saving it is “pre-release software” after only a few seconds of delay
  • They need to get this lady off the stage
  • Windows 8 gets Flair!  They call them Charms, but they are definitely Flair
  • Spell Checking throughout the OS!  I hope Office vNext uses the same dictionary as the OS
  • Wow, very unpolished presentation.  “I can launch the Bing app…’No, skip it’”

Now to Building Apps for Windows 8

  • Drum Roll Please
  • WinRT – Windows Runtime – 1800 Objects in their new API
  • Unified Tools Set, You Pick the Language
  • I must admit, I am a little scared and happy at the same time
  • Definitely time to learn a new platform to get up to speed with WinRT instead of CLR/.NET
  • Expression Blend gets HTML support
  • Live DOM in Expressions allows drag-n-drop movement of elements
  • Windows Store integration looks very cool, straight from Visual Studio
  • XAML/Silverlight Now
  • Moving away from Silverlight to Windows 8 to make your app look “metro”
  • What about WPF?  They show Silverlight and Phone migrations with a few code changes, but nothing with WPF

Hardware for Windows 8

  • Startup Times are Amazing!
  • Rootkit Virus demo, UEFI stops before machines can be compromised, for now
  • Idle power on turn off in a few seconds.
  • USB 3.0 demo was amazing!
  • All apps and hardware us the hardware acceleration for graphics
  • Windows reserves one pixel around the border for the API, you get the rest
  • SensorFusion API!  Awesome, where are my Legos WinRT
  • Printer Controls within Print dialog instead of after market drivers
  • ASUS and Toshiba show some great devices, ultra thin and under 2.5 lbs

After this point, I had to walk away to dream, but it looks pretty awesome.  I am definitely excited about Windows 8 and development within.

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