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BlogStats Recently turned 4 years of age and around the same time we reached 30,000 posts!  This is awesome!  Soon we will be at 1600 bloggers and the community keeps getting bigger and better.  I look at the feed (constantly) and I am just amazed by the source code and information each blogger is adding to the community.  I wonder if we could estimate the amount of hours and days that members have put into producing content.  I am sure the number would scare us.

On another note, the SubText team is very close to 1.9.6, which will add some of the features and bug fixes we need to make this community even more scalable.  Currently we are on 1.9.4, but I plan to start the migration to 1.9.5 soon, but the process will take a code merge and that will definitely be time consuming.  I was hoping 1.9.6 would be out sooner than it is to make that migration, but it doesn't look like that will happen in the next few weeks.

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