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Next month, the TechDays edition 2012 (14-15-16 february)
will take place in Belgium. The last three years, the event passed in Antwerp, but now they are moving to a new location. Kinepolis Imagibraine in Braine l'Alleud (Eigenbrakel).
The location isn't that important.

The hard thing will be, to pick out the most interesting sessions, because there any many sessions in the same time-blocks.
Here is a list of some sessions, i'll certainly attend:

Introducing Windows Runtime in Windows 8
What's new in Visual Studio 11 for Application Lifecycle Management

The Future of C# and Visual Basic

The Developer Story: Platform Futures

Project Roslyn: Exposing the C# and VB compiler’s code analysis

Real world example: integration in the cloud
Windows Phone 7 by Rob Miles

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# re: TechDays Belgium 2012
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Im not going this year. I have a herd time resisting the tons of free muffins and staying awake after day 1. And to stay awake I eat more sugar..
Hope it will be an interesting techdays this year for you tough! Rosylin sounds promising
Left by Tom Pester on Jan 06, 2012 2:08 PM

# re: TechDays Belgium 2012
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Yeah, there are some interesting session. But sometimes I'm disappointed after a session, because I expect to much of 1 hour session.

It's not because there muffins or other sweets, that you have to eat them. But in fact, I even can't resist and need to take myself some sweets :p

But you have to know when to stop or you'll have a tummy ache ;)
Left by Jeroen Bourdeaud'hui on Jan 06, 2012 2:32 PM

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