December 2016 Entries

First Go Lesson: Variable declaration and passing by reference

I beginning my journey with Go by taking the Go Fundamentals Pluralsight course. It’s great so far. I would love to share some interesting stuff I see about the Go language. Also, it helps me not to forget the nuances of the language and reassures me that I understand how things work. Variable declaration Declaring variables in Go is quite interesting. The var keyword is only used to declare variables that are package scoped. Package scope means that the variable can be used by any function inside ......

Posted On Tuesday, December 13, 2016 12:00 PM | Comments (0)

I’m back after a long hiatus

It’s been some time since I’ve written to this blog. I guess life got in the way and at the time I didn’t feel that I was contributing enough to warrant the time taken to write up my articles. However, I have received views and comments on the blog complementing my writing style and encouraging me to keep writing. Another factor is the fact that I have recently come back to read my old posts and actually liked what I read. I felt that I actually did have something to contribute, even if at the time ......

Posted On Monday, December 12, 2016 10:03 PM | Comments (38)

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