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Here is a short summary from the keynote, and a whole lot of new things have been announced

- Visual Studio 2008 and .NET Framework 3.5  (available in november)
- Microsoft Sync Framework (CTP available today) for the online/offline synchornization of appplications.
- Software + Service Blueprints
- Microsoft Popfly Explorer Beta
- Open licensing for Visual Studio IDE

We have seen a demo of a Contoso Food ASP.NET Application which demonstrated some of the cool new features from the Visual Studio like syntax highlighting and intelisense for java script, breakpoints in javascript, split view for designer, integration of WPF in WinForms and WinForms in WPF, usage of WF and so on. The demo was cool...but:

....the definetely coolest thing at the presentation was the demonstartion of the visual studio extensibility, with

Addon Studio for World of Warcraft (will be available on codeplex)

which showed the integration of World of Warcraft Addon development environment into Visual Studio 2008. Now that was cool. LUA syntax highlightning, designer support usw. Really very cool.  (The gnome warlock used in the demo was funny as well :-) )

Update - Download Links

[1] Microsoft Sync Framework
[2] Software and Service Blueprints
[3] Popfly Explorer

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