Talked about SQL Azure at an Oracle Conference

I have to admit, I was really excited to have the opportunity to talk about SQL Azure at an Oracle conference. Microsoft invited Scott Klein to COLLABORATE 11 (on 4/13/11), but at the last minute we switched (just a week earlier).  The conference was in sunny Orlando at the convention center; I don't know how many people attended the conference, but it must have been in the thousands.

Of course, as you can expect, Oracle had the largest booth by far. But not too far... oh... perhaps just out of reach of tomato throwing enthousiasts at the Oracle booth, :), you could see Microsoft's booth standing tall.  And there I was covering one afternoon for cloud computing questions. There was not a whole lot of traffic on my corner of the MS booth, but I have to say the Microsoft employees filling questions for SharePoint were BUSY.

So I did talk about SQL Azure; it was on the official list of topics. And of course I was wearing my blue SQL Azure polo shirt. As you can expect, few people showed up. About 7 in all. Still there were really good questions, and some were activelly looking at cloud computing solutions in general.

Perhaps what surprised me the most was the lack of a cloud computing message at the conference, including all the vendors. Oracle does not seem too serious, or committed I should say, about cloud computing other than the now traditional SaaS model. I guess Microsoft doesn't mind that at all...

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