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I am new to Extreme Programming (XP) so lately I have been doing quite some reading on XP. I am very familiar to the Scrum framework and I want to outline the resemblance between planning in XP and planning in Scrum.

There are 12 practices in XP and planning is part of the practice called "The Planning Game". Like Scrum, XP also uses a form of simple planning to steer the project. In XP a customer is added to the team to complete the team. Every contributor to the team is part of this "Whole Team". The customer writes down the features as stories on index cards (literally but not mandatory), these cards are called Story Cards. During the Planning Game the Whole Team discusses these Story Cards and create Task Cards (development tasks from 1 hour to a full day) for the stories to complete in the next iteration which in XP can be from 1 week to 4 weeks.

In Scrum this customer is called the Product Owner which creates a Product Backlog which is a prioritized list of features (XP:collection of Story Cards). During the Sprint Planning meeting (XP:Planning Game) the team decides together with the customer which features to complete in the next iteration (30 days in Scrum). These features are split up into small tasks (4-12 hours). These tasks are collected in the Sprint Backlog (XP:collection of Task Cards).

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