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Being ASP.NET based Visual WebGui is coded, parsed and executed on top of .NET and is most native application nature for Windows Azure, Amazon and other cloud providers.

Having an optimized received & sent data actually concludes in lowering the transportation and the costs when it comes to cloud deployment. The highest request-per-second compared to any other AJAX infrastructure proves the simple fact!, the CPU is much less occupied with allocations & disposals of objects and results again with lowering CPU usage and  the costs of  cloud deployment.

The internally optimized support for application scalability and redundancy enables cloud applications to scale as much as needed seamlessly.

Having a mechanism that saves the smallest amount of data required for state persistence, results in keeping the amount of data transactions low as possible.

Visual WebGui's WinForms identical API and desktop compliant development patterns, and visual WebGui capabilities of supporting  desktop's richness on web  make it only natural to port desktop business centric apps to the cloud using Visual WebGui maintaining  the same UI without the need to completely restructure and rewrite.

You can read more about the Visual WebGui technology here and view the Visual WebGui Catalog sample running on Azure cloud here.

Posted on Monday, July 6, 2009 3:39 PM Frameworks , Visual WebGui , Web | Back to top

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