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There is a new version fixing a critical bug found in the last version regarding a new capability for boosting performance by caching resources in run time. The bug caused an error to be thrown when the application was executed which detailed a permission denied error on writing a file to the “C:\windows\system32“. Just to clear things up, Visual WebGui does not require these permissions and normally it does not attempt to write the disk. 

In order to test the new performance boosting capability a definition should be added to the WebGUI section:

<StaticResources Mode="On" />

There could be some permission issues with this feature as it uses a physical directory to store cache. You should add a "Route" directory under the site root and give it write permissions to avoid permission issues.

There is also a new Timer component that basically works just as the WinForms timer works. It is new feature that is still under QA. It is critical that you call Timer.Stop() or Timer.Enabled=false before the containing component dies as currently timers are not destroyed automaticly. Timers don't work currently by default and should be enabled by adding a definition to the WebGUI section:

<TimersEnabled Mode="On"/>

When this feature is released this definition will not be nacecery.

There is also a new configuration key called PrivateVersion that allows developers to add custom cache version dependency. The private version is concated to the public version cache key and enables invalidation of cache in cases like theme development or custom controls. The cache key is used both client side and server side so by changing the private version you actually are invalidating also all client cache. The private cache is used as following in the WebGUI section:

<PrivateVersion Value="2"/>

If the current public cache version is "1.24" the cache key will be "1.24.1".

As always you can find the new version here:

Posted on Tuesday, August 8, 2006 4:52 AM Visual WebGui , Web | Back to top

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