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Visual WebGui Enterprise Manager is available at SourceForge. The a new database administration tool was developed with Visual WebGui and is based on Microsoft's “Enterprise Manager”. Presenting a familiar interface for administrators and developers the application brings the power of the enterprise manger to the web. The application has extended the “Enterprise Manager” with a provider mechanism which will enable managing multi database types in a unified UI. The application is actually a natural evolution of the popular “ASP.NET enterprise manager” and provides the same capabilities and more but with a fully AJAX enabled UI and multiple database type capabilities. 

The application can be downloaded with full source code here:

Current feature set:
Views: Design / Create / Rename / Delete / Query
Tables: Design / Create / Rename / Delete / Query
Stored Procedures: View / Rename / Delete / Create / Edit
Roles: View
Logins: View
Processes: View
Logs: View
Databases: MS-SQL

Screen Shots:

Screen 1: Table properties dialog.

Screen 2: Table designer

Screen 3: Process view

Screen 4: View designer

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