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I'm not sure who sold the Federal and State government on the idea that "restricting all employee's email to MS Outlook is an effective counter to computer viruses." or "Allowing gmail, hotmail, or yahoo mail is an open invitation to computer viruses".  I'm thinking that the marketing department in the "MS" of "MS Outlook" might be a good starting point to look.

Both thoughts have rendered me temporarily speechless.  Perhaps because both thoughts make as much sense to me as, "Eating apples is the only way to effectively protect your crops from rabbits". 

The speechless problem in both cases (once in a federal agency, and once in a state agency) seems to be related to the fact that I didn't have any response other than, “That’s really funny” followed by "Are you completely stupid?" when I realized they weren’t joking.

I’m guessing that, both times, my inability to speak may have been indicative of my job survival gene kicking in, but I can’t be sure of that.
Can someone check me on this?  Last I knew, MS Outlook was not proof against social engineering, and that during that last decade, the major e-mail pathogens have mostly used some flavor of MS Outlook as their primary transport vector. 

Does MS Outlook have some kind of security feature I don’t know about?

Posted on Thursday, July 19, 2007 2:00 PM Contracting , Con Livus | Back to top

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