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I just started my dream job.


I'm working for a company that does agile coaching and training.  What that means for me right now is that we are in the process of designing course work for the XP portion of the series.  It also means that I am going to be putting together some examples using technologies that I'm not all that familiar with (i.e. CVS, subversion, and mySQL to name a few off the top of my head)


What this means to you is that I will be posting my thoughts and observations about what goes into developing a class like this.  I'm probably going to have find out what the company blogging policy is.  I will also be looking at the tools that I use to put together my system.  Microsoft 180 day trials of server 2003 and virtual server seem to be my first steps.


I'm also realizing that in all my years of contracting, I've never really had to maintain my own home system.  I've always worked on site with a company, using their tool, network and policies.  I kind of wish I had done this years ago.


Posted on Sunday, May 21, 2006 9:44 AM Contracting , Agile Development | Back to top

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