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I'm off to work, but wanted to post first.


I'm having problems coming up with a business idea. I had thought that I was going to find a niche teaching programmers how to make more money by focusing on complimentary skills, but I'm discovering that programmers, by and large, are artists. They want to program for the sake of programming, and they're really not all that interested in learning how to make the maximum amount of money for their skill set.


I'd like to that there are still programmers out there who are tired of living a Dilbert life and are (most importantly) willing to do something about it.  Don't get me wrong, plenty of programmers are willing to complain about their lack of pay, and how other programmers with less technical expertise are getting paid a whole lot more than them (just check out the slashdot troll-fest sometime), I'm just saying that most are just willing to accept that “it shouldn't oughtta be that way“ and stop asking “why not me?“

Now to go stand in the Bermuda wind, and wait for my bus.

Posted on Sunday, February 5, 2006 12:07 PM Contracting | Back to top

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