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I decided to download and install the Windows 8 and Visual Studio 11 previews. I figured I had an Acer Inspire One netbook that BARELY met min specs that was holding down paper (as on does with an Acer netbook....)

I will not tell you about the installation of Win8. This is because I had my brother download and install it. I will say that he had already downloaded and created the install package on a USB drive. I gave him the netbook at 1PM. He sent me a text saying it was done at 5PM. To me, that's pretty good.

I booted the machine and watched as it booted extremely quickly. I waited a reasonable period of time while my mouse driver downloaded and installed. I clicked the "Store" icon that was top left in the WinRT start menu. In response, I was immediately informed "This app can't open. The screen resolution is too low for this app to run." Apparently, WinRT requires a minimum screen resolution of 1024x768. The max screen resolution of the netbook is 1024x600.

A little more clicking confirms that 1024x768 is the minimum screen resolution for every WinRT application. IE would not open. I eventually click to "Desktop" box and get to the old school desktop. The old school desktop has a shortcut for IE. This shortcut opens, and IE works are expected.

Before moving on, I want to address one thing. This concludes my discussion of WinRT. Besides the resolution issues, there is something else I wish to address. I found using WinRT useless without a touch screen. The entire interface was very annoying to my when using a traditional pointing device. I could see the advantages if I had a touch screen device. To this effect, I have been looking for an ultrabook with a touch screen for about 6 months now. Let this be a warning to hardware manufacturers. You might want to get some of those out ready for release.

With my Win7 desktop and IE, I proceed to download and install the Visual Studio 11 Beta. The download and install was seamless. I started that process at about 9AM this morning, and it completed at about 11AM. This includes a full install on VS11 and a full download and install of all the documentation.

After tweaking a few settings, I open a new C# Command Line project. I add the following code:

Console.WriteLine( "Hello, World" );

I pressed f5, and I was greeted with roughly the following error: "You need .NET 4.5. Click to download and install." I click to download and install, only to be greeted with a message telling me .NET 4.5 was installed.

No amount or combination of rebooting, configuring, or profanity seemed to solved this issue.

Sorry, Microsoft. It was a great try. You get a C for effort. See you in the next update.

UPDATE:It appears the I gave Visual Studio an unfair shake. I installed the wrong version. However, I refuse to edit my impressions; They were my honest impressions. The actual Beta works. You can see my impressions of the Beta, and not the 6 months old Developer's Preview, here.

Posted on Tuesday, March 6, 2012 1:38 PM .NET , C# , Win8 , WinRT , Visual Studio | Back to top

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sorry that you are having some issues. I own the Visual Studio 11 Setup. Can you please follow the steps outlined here ( and send me a link to your setup logs for the machine which is having the issue?


Aaron Ruckman
Program Manager (VS setup)
Microsoft Corporation
Left by Aaron Ruckman (MSFT) on Mar 09, 2012 11:16 AM

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