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Hey guys. I need to take a moment, break the fourth wall, and address the readers. First, I have another speaking engagement. I will be giving a full 2 hour workshop on XNA at the Huntsville New Technology User's Group meeting on October 11 at 6PM. We'll take a little break at 7 and pizza will be provided. Full details and directions can be found at

I have not forgotten about "the project." The design document is done. It got tied up with the corporate lawyer, who wanted to make sure we didn't give away an idea that will allow other people to profit before we can. Basically, he's making me look for an open source license to put on the project that says other people can't take the idea for profit until I finish the project. Once I get that done, I'm going to post it with a stub for the project on CodePlex. I decided on CodePlex because of the TFS integration. Hey, we have to use Visual Studio, anyway...

We should have the URL up soon. I registered quite some time ago. However, our DNS provider is being extremely goofy right now. Soon, the blog will be available as Then, we'll get other extensions as necessary.

I believe that does it. I should have the design doc and project stub up soon. Until then, happy coding.

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I'm kinda of curious to hear your talk, especially looking at it from the perspective of seeing how other platforms address the problem of boilerplate code. As you know, I'm not a fan of Microsoft, but still, that doesn't mean that they get everything wrong or can't spark an idea to build a better system.

Given that this is on a Tuesday evening, I ought to be able to make your talk. Need to put it on the calendar.
Left by ProfesssorTom on Sep 20, 2011 10:22 AM

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