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Ingo Wuggetzer

  • The aircraft cabin changes from the 60s till now has worsened.
  • First class is actually premium / economy is still moving down in quality
  • The challenge is to do efficiency and comfort
  • Graying population is a challenge will be 14% of the world’s population soon
  • Obesity increasingly becoming an all-milieu core societal problem
    • Will have impact on seat sizes
  • Female forces – women will increasingly influence business and lifestyle
    • There are now more women in college than men
  • People want to be green and this reflects into aircrafts. You can now buy carbon-offsets when you buy a ticket in some airlines
    • 20% are willing to pay for green products
    • 13% would like to but are not doing it yet
  • Seamless Connectivity
    • Internet is obviously mainstream and the influence of our daily lives
    • 2 billion users in 2010
    • One direction is going mobile
    • Another direction is going social computing
      • We have to explore this to use more with our products
  • Convergence of products
    • iPad usage on Finair , Virgin, Jetstar
    • iPhone share 2%
    • Other smartphones – 11%
    • Feature Phone – 87%
  • Plans to invest in technology trends within the next 3 years
    • connectivity to/from aircraft – 21% major investment / 47% R&D nominal investment
    • Web 2.0 – 22% major investment / 57% R&D nominal investment
  • Cabin technical investments
    • Lighting
    • Wireless
    • Sensors
    • Displays
  • People want to use technologies on the plane that they can use on the ground
  • Planes have moved to digital in the last decade – now they are moving to wireless
  • Data volumes are going through the roof – (Moore’s Law)
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