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Hey all, it's official, VS and TFS 2008 are available today for download, there are so many new things it's hard to do the product justice in a simple blog.  I've had the pleasure of testing and giving Microsoft a lot of feedback on this and future release of VSTS and I'm happy to say they listen to our feedback.  Feel free to send me your comments I'll make sure they are aware of them.

Jeff as a great post on all the new feature available Visual Studio Team System 2008 ships! so go have a look.  Brian also has something to say VS/VSTS/TFS 2008 are Shipping!.

This is also a little stint on Channel 9 for Jeff, Soma and Carol, Soma, Carol Grojean, Jeff Beehler: Visual Studio 2008 RTM!!!

If you do VS 2005 development right now, VS2008 is a side by side install and you can work with you VS 2005 project with no ill affect.  One thing to note, it will ask you to upgrade the project but in reality it only upgrades the sln file.  So my tip to you guys, make a copy of only the sln file and call it something else and open that one.  It will get upgraded but you proj file will stay intact.  This way you can edit them in 08 but still use 05 if you need too (I don't think you will ;-)).

This is a must have version if you do any kind of .NET development.



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Posted on Monday, November 19, 2007 6:45 AM Visual Studio Team System | Back to top

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