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Not too long ago, I was hauling a 20” system, not going to call it a laptop as it was not meant to be on my lap, and not a notebook as it was more a historical folio sized thing.  Anyway, then the transition to a more powerful system that would be smaller, so an ASUS G51JX came to me.  A system 15.6” with 500GB HDD and 16GB RAM with an i7 first generation.  I still have it with me, but it is a tad painful to carry when travelling.  Then a MacBook Pro 13”, great system and all, love the battery life, easy to carry, but not really the best system for VM work, again I think the ASUS got me spoiled.  But the MBP was easy to carry around, unplug go to meetings an such.

But things do change …

Here is the new gear, first another ASUS, but this time I am experimenting and testing the EP121.  A Slate, a bit tweaked already, with 4GB RAM, an i5 and 128GB SSD.  Great system to grab and go.  But not at the point of running VMs and demos.

Product Image

So, with that said, I needed something that would allow for a portable, yet powerful system that would be a small unit with good power.  Tested an Acer 11.6, i7, 8GB, 320GB HDD, but that was struggling to keep up.  Again, spoiled by the 16GB on the G51JX.

Now comes the newest member of my family of gadgets, an Alienware M11x.  It packs a 2nd generation i7, 16GB RAM, 750GB 7.2K RPM HDD, 2GB Video Ram, USB 3.0.  In a 11.6” package.

Looking forward to seeing how this 2 systems work with me in my future engagements and such.

Posted on Tuesday, June 7, 2011 9:23 PM Misc , Tools | Back to top

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