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Let’s focus on Exam 70-513 this time.  This exam is TS: Windows Communication Foundation Development with Microsoft .NET Framework 4.

Additional Resources:

The exam objectives are:

Creating Services

Create service and operation contracts
Create data contracts
Create message contracts

Implementing generic message handling
Implement RESTful services
Create and configure a routing service
Create and configure a discovery service


Hosting and Configuring Services

Create and configure endpoints
Configure behaviors
Implement self-hosting
Implement web server hosting

Consuming Services

Create a service proxy
Configure client endpoints
Invoke a service
Consume RESTful services
Implement service discovery

Securing Services

Configure secure bindings
Configure message security
Implementing Authentication
Implementing Authorization
Implementing Impersonation
Implementing security auditing

Managing the Service Instance Life Cycle

Manage service instances
Manage sessions
Implement transactions
Manage concurrency
Manage consistency between instances, sessions, transactions, and concurrency

Monitoring and Troubleshooting Distributed Systems

Configure message logging
Configure diagnostics
Debug client-service interactions
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