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I am working on a project testing some cool features and stuff that have to be done on a Mac.  While I have been back and forth with MacBook Pros, this time I decided I should expand and extent my testing to the stuff that I do on  a daily basis.  Blogging is a challenge, tools available are not really all that flexible or feature rich.  I have MarsEdit and Blogo. I do think Windows Live Writer is the best thing since ... sliced bread, seriously, I love that tool!  But in order for this to work I had to make it a true effort to use the tools available for this platform, no virtualization of Win 7 to get access to it is allowed (at one point I did feel I needed to "cheat").  Anyway, what am I using?

  • MarsEdit
  • Snagit for Mac
  • Camtasia Studio for Mac
  • Microsoft Office locally installed and also using the Office Web Apps (and it is awesome to have access to OneNote that way!)
  • CoRD, because after all I still have a full-time job I need to be responsive to.
  • XMind
  • Firefox 3.6.8


The test is going to be interesting, and I will post on my progress or the fact that I gave up at least on the blogging tools for the max and gave in to something virtualized to give me Live Writer.


Posted on Saturday, July 31, 2010 9:52 AM Misc , Tools | Back to top

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